supporto ai rifugiati

Refugees and asylum seekers support

In the independent region of Puntland, north-east of Somalia, people living in Bosaso, Bashan and Garowe continuously suffer from drought, uncertainty, deprivation.

The project aims at improving life conditions of refugees and asylum seekers, facilitating and supporting primary health care and education, preventing and intervening in gender-based violence cases.

The main activities of the project include:

  • Creation of a referal mechanism with Mother and Child Health Clinics as access point. GRT provide health care professionals (medical doctors, nurses, social workers, office workers to implement the service.
  • Support to children in Bosaso, Gardo and Garowe providing them educational services, school fees payment, uniforms, transports and school supplies. This kind of assistance aims at decrease school dropout and increase psychosocial support.
  • Individual personalized support, creation of a psychosocial support system for girls, boys and women with particular problems in Puntland, specifically for refugees and asylum seekers.
  • Professional skills training to refugees and asylum seekers in Bosaso, Gardo and Garowe to improve their incomes.
  • Identification of SGBV survivors addressing them to appropriate support services.


The project provided primary, secondary and tertiary medical assistance to 2327 people in need (1714 in Bosaso, 244 in Gardo, 369 in Garowe).

691 people were selected for formal education and dopout rates were very low (37 syudents only reteired). Yemeni students were inserted in Bosaso’s school where the arabic system is used, more suitable to yemeni cultural background. Ethiopian students in Gardo.

26 people from the most vulnerable categories received tailored individual support; wheel chairs, food products, crutches, contribution to start a commercial activity.

Every identified person received emotional support from GRT, at first, and then from social services. Refugees and asylum seekers received mdical as well as legal support.