Somalia on the move

GRT, in collaboration with Terre Solidali, University of Milan, Ministry of Health and Development – Somaliland, the Ministry of Health – Federal Republic of Somalia, IIDA, Save Somalia, GAVO is implementing a series of interventions in Somaliland and Mogadisho to support and improve the socio-health systems in the field of pediatrics and mental health in the country.
The project is funded by the Italian Agency for Cooperation and Development – AICS (ref. 11514) and co-financed by the Waldensian Church – 8×1000.

Mental health

Interventions in this area concern the strengthening and improvement of access to mental health services in Hargeisa and Somaliland, especially for displaced people, through:

  • clinical activities within the mental health department of the hospital in Hargeisa (on-the-job theoretical and professional training of medical and social staff; training of staff in case management and pharmacological treatments, improvement of clinical routines and outpatient visits).
  • strengthening of the family-hospital alliance and family education (attention to the relationship with the patient and the family to ensure therapeutic continuity and the construction of a psycho-social rehabilitation pathway).
  • Home-based clinical-social activities (home visits, therapy monitoring, on-site education, psycho-social interventions).
  • Awareness campaigns to combat the strong stigma towards people with mental disorders prevalent in the country.
  • Implementation of an innovative computerized system for the management of medical records and monitoring at the mental health department of Hargeisa hospital
  • creation and conduction of the stakeholder coordination network or mental health and psychosocial support in Somaliland.
  • task force for the revision of the mental health policy of Somaliland

National Policy on Mental Health

Activation of working tables for the definition of the first mental health policy at the federal level in collaboration with IIDA and the Ministry of Health of the Federal Republic of Somalia.

Pediatric care

The action supports the specialist activities of the Mohamed Aden Sheikh Children Teaching Hospital (MASCHT), the only public structure entirely dedicated to pediatrics and neonatology. Targeted interventions of international specialists have been organized both on site and through constant support of telemedicine; laboratory tests have been expanded and staff has been trained in management and accounting.
Collaborating with Terre Solidali, which has been active in this field for years, MATSCH’s computer system has been enhanced by providing systems and procedures that can work in an integrated manner with the HGH hospital. Work stations and servers have been provided. Staff have been trained in the use of the system.
Training has been activated with the telemedicine system in connection with doctors, nurses and technicians of the Regina Margherita Children’s Hospital in Turin. All necessary equipment for distance learning was provided.
GAVO has launched a local fundraising plan with the involvement of small and large entrepreneurs and other stakeholders.