Somalia on the move

GRT, in collaboration with Terre Solidali, University of Milan, Ministry of Health and Development – Somaliland, the Ministry of Health – Federal Republic of Somalia, IIDA, Save Somalia, GAVO is implementing a series of interventions in Somaliland and Mogadisho to support and improve the socio-health systems in the field of pediatrics and mental health in […]

Building hope and healing invisible wounds: a psychosocial intervention in Kismayo

The project aims at addressing the psychosocial needs of the population that has been suffering from various traumatic experience, lack of resources and deprivation. In Somali context a relevant gap between the high prevalence of mental health issues and the limited services available is registered. Therefore, the specific objective is to create new services or […]

Refugees and asylum seekers support

In the independent region of Puntland, north-east of Somalia, people living in Bosaso, Bashan and Garowe continuously suffer from drought, uncertainty, deprivation. The project aims at improving life conditions of refugees and asylum seekers, facilitating and supporting primary health care and education, preventing and intervening in gender-based violence cases. The main activities of the project […]