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Gruppo per le Relazioni Transculturali

GRT – Gruppo per le Relazioni Transculturali

We are a specialized NGO.

Deliberately small but essential.

We strongly believe that also a little but efficient structure can make the difference.

We intervene in those territories where mental health is not a priority. Where people that are mentally ill are often discriminated and isolated.

Group for Transcultural Relations is an Italian NGO founded in Milan in 1980, from the activities of the Institute for Transcultural Research, founded in 1968 by Dr Rosalba Terranova Cecchini.

Dr Rosalba Terranova Cecchini is one of the first Italian scholars to take an interest in transcultural psychiatry and the first woman to enter a psychiatric hospital.

Rosalba Terranova Cecchini

Our mission

Our mission is to provide care for people with psychological disorders who live in territories where the problem of mental health is totally neglected and the sick are left to their own devices or, worse, detained in facilities in dehumanising conditions.

The aim is to provide local communities with establishments equipped for psychiatric care, to train operators and to promote the social inclusion of patients by supporting associations already existing in the area.

Associazione oggi


 The GRT’s main activities are direct intervention, rehabilitation, and training in various fields.

We offer psychosocial and socio-health support to refugees and displaced persons.

We seek to improve the lives of street children, support minority ethnic groups and combat gender-based violence.

In Italy


We run the Transcultural Institute for Health, the first Italian school of specialisation in transcultural psychiatry recognised by the Ministry.



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