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GRT - Gruppo per le Relazioni Transculturali


The Group for Transcultural Relations (GRT) is a small NGO, deliberately small, as at GRT we strongly believe that a little but very efficient structure is enough.

As an NGO we consider extremely important to be able to deliver good quality and accurate programmes and we intervene where we have something to learn, as well as something to deliver. Our organisation is made up of associates that work in the third-sector, especially educators, psychologists, psychiatrists, teachers and doctors. Our Headquarters is shared with a cooperative that work within Milan: the Itinerant Company, and with other associations and charities. This choice has been made from an economic point of view and because it allows people to share ideas, contents and to debate professionally.

Abroad, GRT tries not to utilise expensive structures and structures which are difficult to run, especially for the local partners. In our projects we always try to keep in mind which resources are available on the field and we support our local staff with training and constant development of their skills and resources.

The funds we received are invested on local staff, on minimal and manageable tools, on resources that allow the development of local organisations and especially of the beneficiaries of the projects.

Here you can find the last approved financial statements (2015, 2016, 2017, 2018) and public grants overview (2018, 2019).