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GRT - Gruppo per le Relazioni Transculturali

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In these days NGOs that work in the Mediterranean are constantly under attack. Our small association can't be there, we don't have the necessary strenght and capacity, but we totally support those Organisations that are out there, working incessantly to save lives. 

Our work is more "silent", in those places where people survive without hope after having travelled long-distances.

GRT is a small NGO, deliberately small. Some of the main humanitarian issues nowadays require the response of big NGOs, that carry out incredibly awareness-raising and emergency activities. The small associations, like GRT, with their specific interventions are able to intervene in those remote places where people have lost their hope and where their voices are not listened to.

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In the country, Public Institutions wouldn't believe in an efficient National Plan for people with mental issues. They would only provide "assistance places" with chains. GRT's intervention in Somalia has allowed mental health issues to become a public matter and increased awareness on treatments and rehabilitation.  Starting from the little Barbera Mental Health Hospital, GRT has created and implemented a model that fit Somalia's needs and possibilities as well as applied to the country's traditions and religion. 

Another issue GRT is dealing with in Somalia, is Violence Against Women and Gender-Based Violence in general. To work with GBV requires a deep cultural exercise, it's not only about listening to violence cases be reported but it also means to find culturally efficient solutions on how to stop the problem and this is what GRT is focusing on. 


Children and adolescents who live in extremely vulnerable conditions. GRT's actions and possibilities do not solve the problem, but our presence with true street children, those who are often abandoned also from those associations that should be taking care of them, has sensitised the Institutions on the importance of not leaving anyone behind.


Several organisations are working in Nepal, but only few of them reach the most remote villages near the mountains to support those little communities and vulnerable people that live in there. GRT is one of those organisations. In the past years we have been working in villages, schools and in the streets, together with local NGOs such as CWIN and CBR, Matrika and their psychiatrists patients. GRT's approach is careful and respectful, we support and advice local NGOs and communities and we encourage them all along. 


GRT is implementing support activities for youth in Milan, particularly ROMA youth who often face discrimination and feel isolated from the rest of the community. GRT's artistic section "Tutti Sopra 1 Cielo", organise art lab and meetings, in order to promote creative activities among children and to facilitate the integration of youth within the local communities.

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Account n. 34318, holder :Gruppo per le Relazioni Transculturali

IBAN : IT17B0311101646000000034318

Bank name: UBI Banca;  Agenzia Corso Italia, 22 – Milano

GRT does not accept donations of clothes or other materials as we prefer to purchase in the countries we operate in. In so doing, we avoid the waste of economic resources when it comes to shipping and we incentivize local commerce.

If you want your donation to be used in a specific project, please make sure to specify it.
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