Little Fardosa and Mama Aisha, a touching story from Somalia

Little Fardosa was only few hours old when her mum abandoned her next to an IDP camp in Galkaacyo North, in the Puntland region of Somalia. Abandonment of children is not a new story in Somalia, especially when the reason behind this dramatic action is the fact that the baby was born out of the wedlock. When pregnancies out of wedlock occur, Somali mothers often give up their children because of stigma and discrimination, and leave them alone near streets or IDP camps. Sometimes children survive, many others they do not.

Baby Fardosa was lucky enough to be found by Mama Aisha, a refugee living with her 9 children in the IDP camp of Galkaacyo, on May 21st 2017 at 3:30am. At that time in the morning, Mama Aisha was getting ready to perform her morning prayers and looking for a toilet when she heard a baby crying desperately from nearby. She looked around and found a scared and hungry new-born lying next to a bush. Surprised and confused, Aisha decided to follow her maternal instinct and took the child to her place in order to feed her and make her feel safe.

The morning after, Mama Aisha reached out to the camp leader in order to explain the situation and, after reporting the case to the police, they went to court, where Aisha obtained the appropriate documentation to be the custodian of the child. On June 1st, 2017 at 12pm, the case was reported to GRT office by the focal points and immediately after the child was referred for medical check-up.

Due to her situation, GRT staff thought about including Aisha in the foster families’ project supported by SHF, even though the items to be purchased within these funds were initially thought to address adults’ needs. For this reason, GRT staff, after having considered the different needs of little Fardosa, and after consulting the donor for approval, decided to subdivide the budget for such cases: $150 to support the child and $150 for the family. In doing so, GRT managed to secure a monthly support for everybody in the family, as it did with 30 different foster families hosting 105 children, thanks to SHF funding.

Currently Fardosa is 8 months old and healthy, and the case manager, MOWDAFA team and GRT staff are still carring out follow-up visits to the foster mother.