Child Protection


The street represents the only educational path for many children and at the same time it represents a broad and fascinating place even though often scary and terrible.  

This is the reality of the street children in Nepal, Romania, Nicaragua, Somalia but also of some big European cities with their non accompanied minors. 

In these contexts GRT's objective is to defend children's rights and wishes in the first place and then propose a rehabilitation. 


The activities that GRT has carried out in Italy have followed a similar path to the ones that have been carried out abroad. The main topics that GRT has focused on in Italy are: 

Educational Activities: cooperation themes, professional updating, transcultural relations methodologies. Anthropology and cooperation seminars in collaboration with the Feltrinelli Foundation, Anthropological research on the African Migrants in Milan, cultural and linguistic mediator course as well as courses for teachers about the Nomad population and their culture. GRT has also organised courses on art and social problems together with the Cooperative "Percorsi" from Rho. 

Comparing Cultures and Cultural Activities: meetings with poets, writers, politicians, men and women working with the civil society as well as meetings in order to inform the population on the ethnic minorities in the country, their cultures and the stories behind their choice of fleeing their countries. 

Collaboration with local institutions in order to improve the services for foreign citizens in Milan and surroundings. Particular attention has been given to the youth in order to let them express themselves and their will and this has led to the creation of "Tutti sopra un cielo - TS1C" the artistic section of GRT, which has significantly contributed to the project "Meeting almost by accident", implemented with Parada Italia and funded by the Alta Mane Italia Foundation, the Evangelical Church and private contributions (Spal Automotive).

During this project GRT started to work with Roma people in Milan, especially with children and adolescents by organising recreational activities.