GRT in Romania


GRT has started to work in Romania in 1998 through its support to the activities of the "Parada" foundation, set up by a French clown in 1996 in order to work with street children in Bucharest. 

The project, supported by GRT, aimed at setting up a training intervention and a reorganisation of the services available for street children in the capital city of Bucharest. At the bottom of its intervention GRT set a personalised intervention for the children and aimed at finding some positive side in every different experience, even in the most painful or violent one. 

The street has been for the whole time the core place of the intervention: during the day some practical problems have been tackled, such as the relationship with the police and the support in order to find relatives or extended families. During the night instead GRT made sure children weren't left without food or medicines and provided them with emotional support. 

While working on the street it has been possible to start a reflection on children's personal development and by offering them a place at the daycare centre it has been possible to advice them on residential solutions, education and work. 



The beneficiaries of GRT projects in Romania have been the street children of Bucharest and the whole community. 



The projects in Romania have been funded with private donations. 

Child Protection


The street represents the only educational path for many children and at the same time it represents a broad and fascinating place even though often scary and terrible.  

This is the reality of the street children in Nepal, Romania, Nicaragua, Somalia but also of some big European cities with their non accompanied minors. 

In these contexts GRT's objective is to defend children's rights and wishes in the first place and then propose a rehabilitation. 



GRT has started its relationship with Romania in 1998 in order to support the activities of the Parada foundation. This foundation has been established in 1996 by Miloud Oukili, a French clown known in Italy for his activities with street children in Bucarest. In order to support Miloud's work with street children and minors GRT has decided to support the projects as a partner and started this collaboration.