Children in adversity

Minori in difficoltà

The street is the only educational path for many children. For this street children it is a wide, fascinating but often also scary and terrible place. The aim of the GRT is to defend the rights and wishes of children first and then to propose rehabilitation.

This is the reality of street children in Nepal, Romania, Nicaragua and Somalia.

Girls Education Challenge

This project aims to ensure that marginalized girls have the opportunity to obtain an education through school. The aim is to enable girls to support themselves and get out of the extreme poverty in which they live. The project wants to intervene in the decrease of the school dropout rate that, without this intervention, would […]

Child protection

Project: The emergency situation in the Horn of Africa has blocked access to livelihoods for thousands of people, leading to an unprecedented mass exodus in Somalia. In this situation, children are among those most affected by drought and hunger and are often victims of violence or abandoned. This project aims to support vulnerable children and […]

Gender-based violence and vulnerable childhood

In the camps for displaced people, womend and children live in serious deprivationa and danger. They are often extremely vulnerable to violence and mistreatment. GRT developed his project with OCHA financial contribution. The main objective was to reduce violence and improve local services answer to the phenomenon. Psycho-social support to GBV victims During the first […]